is founded and lead by Karla Isidorou, it offers multidisciplinary art workshops & experiences. Its goal is to share a passion for theater and art through surprising and unique workshops that stay unforgettable in the memory of the participants. With a warm heart, a tremendous energy and specialized knowledge Karla Isidorou and a team of experienced artist educators take from the youngest till the oldest between us, in the marvelous undiscovered pathways of art.

IDEAS MACHINE collaborates with a broad pool of artists that excel in their artistic field, are experienced educators and have a passion for sharing their knowledge and discoveries through workshops & mediation projects with a broad audience.

Upcoming Summer Camps

8 to 2 July 2024 SUMMER OUTDOOR THEATER CAMP (Geneva) - early bird inscription open

‘Do you like to be outside?
Are you curious?
Do you love books and stories?
You want to be part of a special outdoor theater production?
Join us this summer for an unforgettable outdoor creative theater experience!’


After a successful first edition in 2022, the SUMMER OUTDOOR THEATER CAMP by IDEAS MACHINE is coming back this summer!
A new book, new characters, new spot and of course new ideas!

Make the characters jump out of the book and come alive to tell their story out loud here and now! 

In the one week theater outdoor camp we will take a children book as inspiration to make an outdoor surprising theater performance. With workshops on movement, acting, decor making and of course rehearsals you will transform into a character and become part of a theater performance made from scratch.


  • 3 to 7 July 2023 SUMMER OUTDOOR THEATER CAMP (Geneva)
  • 10 to 14 July 2023 SUMMER OUTDOOR THEATER CAMP (Coppet)

What? An outdoor theater camp: from book to theater performance
For who? Curious minds, outdoor explorers, theater & book  lovers, imagination travelers, energetic
Age: 7-10 years old (for younger kids contact us for other possibilities)
Language: English & French (Greek & Dutch on demand)

WHY? 5+1 Reasons:

  1. To make the character of a book come alive!
  2. To improve your theater skills
  3. To gain confidence & experience teamwork
  4. To create a whole week outside
  5. To empower your imagination        and…
  6. have lots of fun!!

Practical information

In a one week outdoor theater camp the kids follow workshops and rehearsal sessions to make out of a children book a theater performance situated outdoors.

  • We work with small groups of a max 5 to 7 people per theatermaker/workshop leader.
  • The surprise book we will be working on will be revealed 2 weeks before  the start of the camp
  • Costs: 400CHF per child (early bird till 30 October 2023) 480 per child (mid season bird will 28 February 2024)*, 520CHF per child (after 28/02)**
  • Planning: Monday till Friday, everyday from 9.00 till 15.00
  • Final presentation: Friday at 14.00 o’clock.

Inscriptions by mail:


*for early bird & mid season birds no refunding possible in case on cancelation
**for inscriptions after 28/02, 10%discount for second family member participation

Upcoming Workshops

NEW workshops Autumn 2023 & Spring 2024 soon online
One day storytelling workshops on demand (for small groups 3-5 participants)

What is theater all about? Stories!Do you like stories?
Hearing them and telling them?

Are you curious?
Do you have an extraordinary imagination and a lot of energy?
Do you want to work on your theater skills and explore storytelling? 


In theater characters come alive with voice, movement and presence to tell you a story, to take you with them on the edges of imagination! During 3 full days we will dive into the powerful realm of stories and explore how to create them, give voice and movement to them and most importantly how to share them with an audience! 

When? 10.00-15.00

New dates Autumn 2023 & Spring 2024 soon online

What? 3 extraordinary storytelling workshops
For who? Curious minds,  theater  lovers, imagination travellers, energetic storytellers
Age: 7-10 years old
Language: English & French (Greek & Dutch on demand)

Practical information

During 3 full days workshop on Saturdays the kids follow workshops on the different elements of storytelling. Saturdays can be booked as a package or separatly.

  • We work with small groups of a max 5 to 7 people per theatermaker/workshop leader.
  • The surprise book we will be working on will be revealed 2 weeks before  the start of the camp
  • Costs: 325CHF per child for 3 Saturdays or 125CHF per child per Saturday

Inscriptions by mail:

More about Karla

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‘What I love the most about theater is its ability to intensify the here and now, to make the present precious. When we make theater, we come together, we share, we learn to be surprised and inspired by each other. Art has always been for me a way to see and understand the beauty of the world that surrounds us… and this is where everything starts’ 


Karla Isidorou is a multidisciplinary artist, theatermaker & educator. She has studied theater Studies (UvA, Amsterdam), Photography (UCK, Utrecht), “Theater in Education” and “Fine Arts” (ArtEZ Uiniversity of the Arts). As an educator she creates performative workshops in collaboration with various artists researching the dialogue between learning – experiencing – creating. With a fascination for the infinite and surprising possibilities of site specific work often her workshops are situated in exceptional outdoor locations. With a passion for sharing, an endless curiosity and inspiring ideas she leads workshops that explore and reinforce creativity through a multiplicity of disciplines.

Since 2018 she has created and led workshops for educational institutions such as: ArtEZ University of the Arts (Arnhem, NL), Hofplein Rotterdam-Youth Theater School (Rotterdam, NL), Alfred University of the Arts (Alfred, USA), Institut Jaques-Dalcroze (Geneva,CH). In 2019 her masterclass ‘THE COMMON SEATING’, developped with Merle Schiebergen, was selected for the International Festival of Making Theater (Athens, GR) and in 2020 her workshop for young audience (G)loves for (G)anst developed in collaboration with Alexandra Bellon (K&A) was selected for Archipel Festival/ Geneva (CH). 

Karla Isidorou is founder of IDEAS MACHINE and co-founder of K&A. The artistic projects of K&A have been presented in between others at: PQ2019 – Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (Prague, CZ), Sitting Shotgun (Brooklyn, NYC), A LAB (Amsterdam, NL), Filmtheater FOCUS (Arnhem, NL), La Head (Geneva, CH), L’Usine Kugler (Geneva, CH), MCBA – Musee Cantonal des Beaux Arts (Lausanne, CH), ICAF- International Community Arts Festival (Rotterdam, NL), etc. Next to her passion for art, Karla has been sharing her passion for swimming through classes, workshops & week camps.